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  • Spice apple and pear cake

    16 April 2015 ( #Cake, #Fruit, #Spices )

    This cake is coming from a book called The Cookbook by Ottolenghi. I don't know the restaurant in London but I like the different influences of the book's authors. This cake is very pleasant, in France we cal that a family cake. It is generous, his soft...

  • Tartelettes with peas and ricotta

    17 April 2015 ( #Pie, #Peas, #Ricotta )

    I am always making green recipies these last days. With these tartelettes, you have spring in your plate. I like this green and the delicate hazelnut flavor of the peas. In mini version, these small things can be offered to the apéritive in or outside...

  • Confit of rhubarb and raspberries, whipped cream with lime

    18 April 2015 ( #Dessert, #Fruit, #Cream )

    When you begin to be fed up with winter fruits you still have to wait to find good strawberries, peaches and apricots. But before the arrival of these spring and summer fruits, rhubarb is coming and it is happiness! With rhubarb you can make a compote...

  • Chicken pastilla

    11 April 2015 ( #Chicken, #Spices )

    After months of waiting, I've decided to take the plunge and I gave you my first recipie 2 days ago. I hope you will be a lot to read me. If you want I translate some of my french blog, tell it me, I'll try to do it as soon as possible. Of course, you...

  • Japanese pancakes

    15 April 2015 ( #Pancakes )

    At home, we all love pancakes but I use to make them like we do in France and we usually eat them with jam. Sometimes we do have all the dinner with them and I propose also, ham, cheeses or smoked fish! But un anyway, I'm always in search of a new recipe...

  • Risotto with clams and mild blue cheese

    13 April 2015 ( #Risotto, #Seashell, #Cheese, #Italy )

    Risotti are very often on my table. They can be different each time you cook a new one! You can do exactly what you like : only with vegetables, with all kind of cheeses but also with sea shells. In any case, you'll enjoy. RISOTTO WITH CLAMS AND MILD...

  • Papardelle with mushrooms and gorgonzola

    12 April 2015 ( #Pasta, #Mushrooms, #Cheese )

    Italy is a country I love. They know how to cook marvelous things with very simple ingredients. Their secret? Use good ans simple products. With this way of life, a simple dish makes you happy and makes you think you are in Italy. PAPARDELLE WITH MUSHROOMS...

  • The perfect "crème caramel"

    20 April 2015 ( #Dessert, #Carame, #Vanilla )

    If there is one dessert typically french, it is this one. You found it in every bistrot but if it can be delicious, it may also be the worst! It is so simple, you have to try to do it it at least once at home. CRÈME CARAMEL EASY Prep : 10 mn Cooking:...

  • Cod cheeks with chinese cabbage, saffron sauce

    10 April 2015 ( #Fish, #Spices )

    We like cod. It' easy too cook and very good with different spices! If you prefer to cook it with curry, of course you can and it will be very good also with coriander in powder. I hope you'll enjoy it and you'll be clement with my english. COD CHEEKS...

  • Small meat pies with pistachios and curry

    14 April 2015 ( #Pie, #Meat )

    I like to cook meat pies, and I like to put puff pastries around. The présentation is always nice and people like it when you serve. To day, they are small meat pies but il shall propose you some biggest for other occasions. SMALL MEAT PIES WITH PISTACHIOS...

  • Mamina in english

    08 April 2015 ( #Chat... )

    Mamina in English... Site under construction. Updates will follow shortly.