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I am always making green recipies these last days. 

With these tartelettes, you have spring in your plate.

I like this green and the delicate hazelnut flavor of the peas.

In mini version, these small things can be offered to the apéritive in or outside in the garden if the weather is nice.




Tartelettes with peas and ricotta

Prep : 20 mn
Cooking : 30-35 mn

Serves 6 :

- 1 pastry (hand made or not)
- 1 kg fresh peas
- 2 eggs + 1 yolk
- 250 g ricotta
- Salt

  • Shell the peas and cook them in boiling salted water for 5 or 6 minutes. Drain and set aside.
  • Preheat the oven 200°C.
  • Furnish the pie plate with the dough by making it widely overflow all around.
  • Cut the excedent.
  • Beat the eggs with the yolk and the ricotta. Add the peas, adjust the seasoning, mix again carefully and pour the batter onto the crust.
  • Cook in the center of the oven for 25 à 30 minutes.
  • Serve warm or tepid.
Pie Peas Ricotta