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When you begin to be fed up with winter fruits you still have to wait to find good strawberries, peaches and apricots.

But before the arrival of these spring and summer fruits, rhubarb is coming and it is happiness!

With rhubarb you can make a compote or a pie but, you can also make a nice dessert with a splendid color using somme frozen raspberries.



Confit of rhubarb and raspberries, whipped cream with lime

Prep : 35 mn
Cooking 50 mn

Serves 4:

For the rhubarb and raspberries compote :

- 500 g fresh
- 150 g raspberries fresh or frozen
- 170 g caster sugar
- 4 cl water
- 1 pitch fleur de sel
- 4 g (2 leaves) gélatine soften in cold water

For the "petits suisses" mousse :

- 4 "petits suisses"
- 15 cl liquid cream
- 40 g caster sugar
- Juice and zest of 1 lime

The rhubarb compote (make it the day before or the morning for the evening) :


  • Put the raspberries in a strainer and mash them with the back of a spoon to eliminate the seeds. Keep the pulp of fruits aside.
  • Pell the rhubarb and cut it into 5 cm pieces and cut these pieces in half lenghtwise. .
  • In a pan, middle heat put the rhubarb, sugar, water and "fleur de sel". Cook about 50 minutes stirring continuously.
  • The compote at the end of cooking must be thick and soft.
  • During the compote is always hot, whisk in the gelatine until completely dissolved.
  • Add the raspberries pulp, whisk again and put in the glasses. When it is cold, set aside in the fridge.


The "petits suisse" chantilly cream :


  • Mash the "petits suisse" and the sugar with a fork. Sprinkle with lime juice, mix well and set aside.
  • Whip the cream et add it in 3 times to the "petits suisse".
  • Put in a piping bag for about half an hour.


Finition :

  • Put on the rhubarb compote and rap the zest of lime on the cream.
  • Put in the fridge until dinner.


Enjoy and tell me!


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